Varied Interests 

A man who limits his interests, limits his life. – Vincent Price

I’ve always believed in a having varied interests in life. I like to read and read about different things. I’ve always tinkered with some hobby or the other. So when I came across this quote, I couldn’t help but post it.


Summer round-up

It’s been a long and gruesome summer… and I’ve been totally out of touch with the blogging world. I have no excuses. I didn’t go away for the summer or travel. But rather spent my time working and filling in for people who did decide to travel. Temperatures have been soaring here in the UAE and at the end of each day I’m just too tired to getting around to doing anything.

I have however, done two things over the last couple of weeks.

Firstly, some reflection on my life and where I want to be. Since, it was my birthday in the last couple of weeks, it was naturally the time to sit and evaluate what I’ve done and what I should be doing. I think I’ve got some positive thoughts and plans for the future. Well, at least I didn’t get the birthday blues and all that reflection left me feeling hopeful. Sometimes, it makes sense to just stock of things you’ve accomplished. Even more so when you’re feeling low and don’t think that you’ve done much. Then sometimes, you just realise even the little accomplishments mean a lot.

Secondly, I’ve been reading quite a bit. Over the past few months, I managed to finish a good number of books. Well, at least, good by my standards. The books I read are

  1. The Class – Erich Segal
  2. The Great Gatsby – F. Scott Fitzgerald (finally!)
  3. The Old Man and The Sea – Ernest Hemingway
  4. Harry Potter and the Cursed Child (how could I not?!?!)
  5. Go Set a Watchman – Harper Lee (a tad disappointing, I have to admit)
  6. No Dream Is Too High – Buzz Aldrin (very easy read and I really enjoyed it)

I also started reading War & Peace. One of those big challenges that I’ve always been meaning to do but always put off. Well the bad news is, just 50 pages in I’ve put it off again. I have few more books lined up and I definitely want to make this the year of reading.

I hope everyone’s been well and having a happy summer. It’s back to school now and time for projects and books.

Until next time….

And things would never be the same again…

It can’t be just her wanting to see him and talk to him. She knows it’s not. The last time they met, sure, she reached over and touched his arm. But it was him who held her hand and, it was him who decided to hold her. She was hesitant. After all, they had decided to be friends. She met him to talk, to say “I hope things won’t be awkward.” Things weren’t awkward at all. They talked like they always did. Incessant conversation about anything and everything. And laughter… There was always a lot of laughter.

And then the sun came up and things were different again. He was different and she had changed. He wanted to go back to being friends yet again. He had good reasons and she understood them. She always understood him.

But, things would never be the same again for her.

Her world had changed. She realized that she had always been in love with him. It was ten years later and all the reasons she had liked him to begin with were still there. If anything, he was 10 years more mature. When he told her she was always the one and that he had loved her from the very beginning, she didn’t realize it could be that way. But now she knew what he meant.

It has taken them 10 years, some distance and a lot of heart break with other people to get to this point. But, the right thing to do is to walk away from it. Yet it doesn’t feel right. It feels like she wants to talk to him and see him everyday. She senses that he will miss her too. They both agree that they belong together but, it’s complicated. So now what?

July 19, 2016… Stronger wings?

I’m faced with an interesting situation. I just got a job offer… something that will uproot my life and make me have to move to a new country. It’s a fantastic offer. It put me two levels above where I am right now. It’s not ideal because it’s a smaller country and therefore, I smaller market but, the position is lucrative. With what I’ve been feeling about my current job, I should say yes in a heartbeat. But then it’s a lot of logistics to work out as well. I’m a single mother and we just got into a great school. Priorities change…So I’m confused.

I feel like if I were a man, I wouldn’t think twice about it. And this is probably why women don’t progress as much in their career, let alone single moms. But my gut says, yes. So I should seriously think about it. My favorite saying at one time used to be… “Jump of the bridge and make you’re wings on the way down”… life changes when you’re responsible for people other than yourself. I guess we don’t always have the luxury of jumping off the bridge. Planning becomes important and thinking twenty steps ahead becomes the norm. Still, I feel I can be brave and jump of that bridge….I’ll just have to make stronger wings on my way down.

July 14, 2016… back

I had been feeling very lost and stuck. I don’t know how better to describe it. So I decided to take a break from writing. I probably didn’t want to talk about my problems and I really wasn’t in a place to write about anything else either.

Writing is supposed to be an avenue for release and for me it has been in the past. But this time, not so much. So I thought instead of trying to force myself to say things that I didn’t want to say or try to write about things I didn’t feel like, I should just stay quiet.

After what seems like a really long hiatus, I feel like writing again. Sometimes I do question whether writing a blog is of any use but then I realise I enjoy doing it. I enjoy reading what other poeple have to say and I hope someone out there will like reading what I have to say.

So what have I been doing in the past few weeks…since I haven’t been writing?

For one thing, I’ve been brooding a lot. I realize that I’m not very happy with my job. When I joined this job, I thought I would be doing at least a few exciting deals. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem that way anymore. I’m doing very basic, mundane work. Things I used to do 10 years ago. While it isn’t always a bad thing to go back to basics, I realize that I’m not really learning anything new. For me, that really sucks. I’m a person who just cannot sit still. So, it’s really annoying when I feel that I’m not adding any value with the knowledge I have and I’m not gaining anything either.

To fill the void, I have decided to focus on art again. It was one of my goals for the year. I used to be quite good at drawing and painting when I was teenager. And then I just gave it up because I didn’t have the time. Well, I’ve been out of practic so it’s taking sometime to get my creative juices flowing. I’m trying to be very patient. Here’s something very basic I did. I really hope I can keep it up and I hope I am back to blogging again.

Watercolor Flowers

Friday 17 June 2016

It seems like more and more I’m becoming irregular with blogging. I guess this is natural. Over the years, I’ve seen a lot of blogs that are regular and some that are not so much. I wonder what it take to keep blogging regularly. I can’t blame a busy schedule. With advent of smartphones, there’s no excuse not to find a few minutes to type up a blog. So I don’t know what it is. 

My mind has been out of place, for lack of a better term. I feel restless and not at ease. Writing would probably help with that but, I don’t know why I just can’t seem to bring myself to do it. I suppose every one has dip once in a while and I’m going through one right now. It’s been hard to keep the momentum but, I’m hopeful that things will get better and I’ll be back to writing more regularly again.