Progress check: Goals


At the beginning of the year, I decided to settle on some goals. Steps I would take to make my life better or, things I wanted to do more of. I suppose there’s no point in having goals if you’re not working towards them. And the only way to make sure that you’re doing something right is to do a progress check.

For one thing, I decided to write out my goals in my personal planner (my EDC Filofax) and my journal (my Hobonichi Techo), so I could refer back to them often and know what I wanted to be doing this year.

I had hoped to review my progress on a weekly basis or at least monthly basis but I guess I’m horrible at maintaining a schedule with things like these. So I thought I’d do it today. There’s no time like the present, right?

So how have I done so far..

  1. I have started studying for the third level of my professional exam, albeit very slowly.
  2. I have started to read more
  3. I have started to focus more at work and limit my distractions
  4. I have been journaling everyday (bonus: I’ve also been writing one line a day about what I am thankful for)

So far, I have been good with these goals but they are only 4 out of my target of 10. But since it’s not zero out of 10, I will give myself a small pat on the back and encouragement to reach the ten.

Product Review Blog Posts

Over the years, my biggest benefit of reading blogs has been the product reviews. It’s really helpful to know what a product is like before actually buying it. Someone trying it out and writing about it give me a lot of information and views on whether to buy it or not.

Since, I’m a shopaholic (certification pending), I’ve decided that it’s about time I do some reviews too. I have done a few in the past but am hoping to make it a regular feature. I’m trying to give back. May be my posts may help someone, the way others have helped me.

So stay tuned….


Personal Update: 07 Feb 2017

Hi everyone. We are already in the second month of the year and things seem to be moving on fast. 

It’s been a week since I change my job and somewhat a change in career path too. The style of work is completely different from what I’m used to. It needs some getting used to.

Since the beginning of my job life, I’ve always been accustomed to a very fast paced environment. Being in a client facing role always meant having to juggle a number of things in a day, not to mention numerous emails and phone calls. That is no longer the case. The activity is more project based and while there are tasks to be done on the projects, there’s more brainwork than anything else. There are definitely fewer meetings and less time spent travelling to customers since most people tend to visit my team instead.

Nevertheless, I am surprised that my day goes by just as fast and I’m leaving work just as late, if not later on some days. Although, the work is intense, I am to focus better and this has made me a much happier person.

I had been going through a phase where I genuinely felt like I was being stretched too thin. I had no focus, I was constantly being badgered by my boss, and I was frustrated. I am so glad all that is behind me now. I don’t believe the new job will not have its share of hiccups or issues but, I do feel more at ease and I can finally breathe again. I am so grateful for this change….