Pet peeve….

When a person walks off with my stationery acting like they didn’t even realize it. How can you not know something doesn’t belong to you, particularly because I never use regular office stationery. Just saying….


Quote – 08 May 2017

“Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise, so I am changing myself.” – Rumi

It’s not always easy to see that changing one’s perspective can lead to a happier life. I would often get angry at the world and blame situations for my problems. But these days, I’m trying to be happier and adopt a more accommodating attitude.

Things that don’t affect me directly should not be my concern. Don’t get me wrong, I am still very opinionated and I still stick to my principles.  But, I am trying to understand why people do the things they do and hopefully that let’s me empathize with them. This has made so many things simpler. It has helped me realize that I don’t need to take a negative view on things and I can simply let things go.

06 May 2017

My exam is coming up. I can’t believe I have just a month left. I was so sure that I would start early this time and I would have enough time to get through everything. I also thought the pace of my new job would help me find time to study. The first month seemed quite slow and I really thought wow, so I would have some extra time to study everyday.

Hah!… I spoke to soon. Not only are my days busy, they are loooooong. I end up working 12 to 13 hours a day and after all the reading and meetings and phone calls, I hardly have the will to study. So I’ve had a major set back over the past few weeks and now I’m freaking out.

This is the last level and really want to get through. I know I have to ramp up the pace but, again… I’m just exhausted. I plan to take some time off before the exam but, there’s only so much one can do with a week before the test. Nevertheless, I have to give it my best and see where I end up.

04 May 2017

It’s been hectic and painful week. I have almost stopped writing my journal and my blog. I don’t seem to have the energy or the time and neither is a good thing. I think if I really wanted to make time I could. But, I get so tired and lazy.

So earlier this week, we had a fire drill and I ended having to climb down 25 floors. It wasn’t as gruesome as I thought it would be. Well, my legs were turning into jelly by the last 5 floors but we made it out. Chatting with my coworkers along the way helped as well. But…. the next day I woke up so sore. My legs ache like there’s no tomorrow and I can’t remember the last time I was in this much continuous pain. It’s day two now and the pain doesn’t seem to be getting better. I suppose it hasn’t helped much that I’ve been on my feet for most of these two days.

Who knew something that could save your life could end up making you feel way worse!

Anyway, it’s the weekend here for me and I’m looking forward to getting a some rest.



NY Times: Why You Should Read Books You Hate

I read this good piece in the NY Times today. The bottom line of the article is that reading something we don’t agree with or don’t find fascinating, provokes us to try to understand how we feel. It helps us take a position on our beliefs and figure out what we stand for. It got me thinking that it could be the case with anything in our lives really. While I like to think that I want to live by the motto… do what you love doing… the writer makes a good point. Doing something that you don’t like will often reveal a great deal about your nature and personality. I think as I get older, I value self-discovery more and more.

Gorgeous Montblanc Ringed Agenda

*Picture heavy post*

I was looking around the shops at our newly opened Outlet Village in Dubai and came across Montblanc. How could I not stop?

Besides some really good deals on their pens, this little beauty caught my eye in the case. Now, I’ve had some bad experience with the Montblanc Agenda (the cover started peeling off) but, when I had a look at this, I just fell in love. It’s leather so I hope there won’t be any peeling involved. Luckily the shop had a new piece and best of all I got it at a great price…. about USD 135.

It is the pocket size and fits my inserts perfectly. It’s been about two months that I’ve downsized to a pocket and I’m using Moleskine pocket size books punched to fit. The ring spacing is the same as the Filofax Pocket. There’s not much in terms of set up so I won’t be getting into that. I’d much rather show you some lovely pictures.

The Front… I don’t have any red binders. But this was a pocket size and didn’t feel like I couldn’t use it.

Montblanc 1

The front interior… 4 card slots and inside pocket… please forgive the clashing purple divider. I had set up my inserts for the Purple Malden.

Montblanc 2

View from the top… full length back pocket. As you can see the binder is still stiff and not broken in. With a week’s use it seems to be softer and I hope it will improve with time. I’ll give it a swipe of leather conditioner as well.

Montblanc 3

The inside back. It has a zipped storage, which I don’t really use. And plenty of space for a nice Montblanc pen (I couldn’t resist the sale on that either). The big fat pen holder is awesome because it really protects the pen even though my inserts are tight fit.

Montblanc 4

Finally, a close up of the leather and the poppers. There are two poppers but given my inserts, I doubt I will ever be able to use the inner one. But, I love a fat binder.

Montblanc 5